Truths About The First Month After Birth

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Alright ladies, can I be real with you?

Since my pregnancy was easy, besides the gestational diabetes (a whole different story), I assumed the first month after pregnancy was going to be easy.

Boy was I wrong!

All you hear is the joys of being a mother. By the way, all of them are true!

From my first personal experience, being a mother rocks and is well worth all this! I just wish someone would have told me about the first month.

No one told me about the pain, the bleeding, the mood swings, and did I mention the PAIN?

Ready ladies? (well who is ever really ready) But here is my inside scoop about the first month! Sit back, relax, and try to enjoy my truths. In the end, it is all worth it!

So here it goes ladies!

Once you get home from the hospital, your body hits its reality. The bleeding and the pain were what I noticed first.

Why was there so much blood for over a week?

Well you just gave birth and your body is getting rid of the extra blood and tissue that was used to grow your precious baby. But don't worry after a couple days the bleeding goes down and eventually it will stop!

The pain was the worst for me! I gave birth naturally and to use the bathroom was awful. I would dread using the bathroom. The stitches would pull and sting. I know everyone is different as my mom did not remember it being to painful. I did not know how to use the bathroom! Silly, right? But it is the truth! Nothing they suggested doing helped. The nurses suggested peeing in the shower because the water will help with the acid. Or using the peri bottle to help you. Or just take the ibuprofen. For me, NOTHING worked. So what can you do?

Honestly, just gotta suck it up and deal with it.

Once I got used to bleeding and crying, my emotions were a rollercoaster.

Crying. Mad. Happy. Angry. Why was I crying? Mad? Happy? Angry?

I could not tell you why to any of these. Because honestly I was so incredibly happy and not any of the other emotions.

Each hour was something different.

Crying was the WORST. Were they happy tears? Were they sad tears?

I could never ever tell you what was wrong with me.

Ladies being a mother is everything and more. I would bear all these emotions, bleeding, and the pain a hundred times over. I just wish someone would have told me about the truths of the first month of emotions and pain.

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